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1040 Workflow & Target Timeline

The most efficient firms have a thorough understanding of who does what at each step of the tax prep process as well as an expected time per phase. This can be used to help your current team, new hires, or even clients understand expectations and flow.

Your practice management system should hold the key tasks in the project and you should be able to pull status updates and reports from that system. But, we find creating a static visual guide helps remind the team of the process and goal.

Use this Canva template to create your own clear ideal workflow and timeline for your own 1040 work. This template is with a 12+ man firm that prepares 500 1040s each year. Once you bring the template into your own Canva account, you can edit text, colors, and make the flow and days mirror your own tax workflow and targets.

All the best in aligning your team behind your clear, concise tax process and target timelines!


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