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A better firm & life
for every accountant.

Born from struggle and burnout...

We hired 3 business coaches, joined a few communities, went to all the conferences, read every business book we could get our hands on, and painstakingly refined the business over 4 years. Before we knew it, we had modernized our legacy family firm and became recognized in our profession. We built a new building, started acting like a real company, and sales tripled organically. Over time, we began to coach other firms.

So, with a passion for seeing accounting leaders succeed and gain more freedom, we launched another firm as a test project and began coaching some of the best firms.

Now, we offer an intentional process that helps you plan AND execute through a bespoke 1-1 coaching relationship. This means you can not only leverage our knowledge but also ready-to-use templates and resources and our strategic partner network. Click the logos to see what the firms are up to now.

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Montgomery & Company, CPAs Accounting Firm Website

Let's build a better firm and life for every accountant!












Joe Montgomery, III, CPA, CPBC


CEO Lead Coach

As a 2nd generation firm owner, Joe is an entrepreneur at heart and understands the unique challenges of a family firm. He has created new service lines, built a great team and culture during times of 80% turnover, doubled the size of his family firm and represented it to win local awards and national recognition. He left in 2020 to launch GroupUP and a new virtual, advisory-based practice that boasts an average fee of 4,100 per month, a work anytime, anywhere team culture where no one works more than 30 hours per week. Through his speaking and networking, Joe has helped thousands of accountants move closer to their goals. Joe challenges the status quo and is a firm believer in collaboration, leveraging disruptive business models, and creating a better way for all in the accounting profession. He believes that accountants are uniquely equipped to radically change small businesses across the globe for the better. Joe works at a deep level with those looking to flip their firm and get back their life. When not talking with other firm owners, Joe loves to backpack and spend time with his wife and three boys at the beach.

Laura Gregory


Client Care & Marketing

As a long-term former Apple employee and videographer, Laura brings her tech savvy, creative, and customer relations skills to the team at GroupUP. Although the Accounting world is a new venture for her, she is a curious learner and always up for a challenge. At GroupUP, Laura is responsible for marketing and the member experience. She and Joe collaborate on creating resources for OpenFirm members and making sure they feel welcome.

Let's build something great!

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