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Vision Map

Updated: May 2

Do you have a clear, compelling vision that is shared with your team? Is your vision backed by measurable targets and further broken up into achievable quarterly goals? To the degree that you are clear about your vision and plan to get there, you will better attract new talent, ideal clients, and key strategic partners.

GroupUP Vision maps include:

  • A vision statement, as shown in the image above for my old firm, is your purpose or higher calling used to inspire your team members to be their best.

  • Informs your entire firm on your operating system. This means clarifying how often your leadership team is meeting, and what your purpose is.

  • Outline what we call an accountability chart. This chart is not an org. chart but communicates who is responsible for the major business functions like sales, operations, and IT/finance.

  • A concise definition of your ideal client. While there is a strong indication that firms who are more niche are more successful, this is not always the case. Regardless, you should have a definition for your ideal client persona that your whole team can get behind.

  • A picture of what your firm's success would look like in 10 years. This is your big crazy goal identified, documented, and shared. That's right, it can't live in your head.

  • A closer picture of what you look like in 3 years.

  • A 1-year plan of 3-7 objectives that you must accomplish to move closer toward your 3-year picture.

  • Your set of quarterly objectives that must get done to accomplish your 1-year plan. 2-5 per quarter is ideal. These goals must be assigned and given a due date.

  • The values that govern how your business will act. These values are used to evaluate all relationships; your team, clients, strategic partnerships, and vendors.

  • 1-3 unique value propositions that your sales and marketing people can use to attract your ideal client.

  • Your brand promise or guarantees to your clients when something goes wrong.

  • And, last but not least, your proven process that you can share with prospects and new clients to clarify onboarding and set the right timeline and expectations from the beginning.


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