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Mastermind Groups Built for Accounting Firms

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."    ~ African Proverb


New Ideas

Why re-create the wheel? Some of the best advice and ideas come from your peers - those who have been there, done that. Your Core Group will provide inspiration toward change and the opportunity to learn about your peers' progress.

Solve Big Issues

This isn't casual chat. We talk through deep issues in a confidential and safe space. There's no need to face your struggles alone. Your Core Group is made up of firm owners who are ready to lean into you during the hard times and memorialize your growth journey. 



We often know exactly what we should do, but getting started and seeing it through is hard. Our coaches and your fellow peers provide real accountability that is proven to help you take the hard steps, and keep you moving toward your biggest dreams.

Measure Progress

What gets measured gets done. We use weekly and monthly performance metrics, benchmarking, and the simple power of writing things down, to vividly show the impact of your Core Group.


The Tools

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Group Messaging
Weekly Scorecard
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Bi-weekly meetings
Monthly 1-1 coaching
Quarterly planning
Annual retreat

Join a Group

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Next Core Group is within 2 Weeks!

Once you register, we will contact you to place you in an ideal group for you. We invite you to join today!

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