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Welcome to GroupUP!

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

GroupUP is LIVE: We are ready to help accounting firm owners find freedom and fulfillment doing what they love!

This collaborative effort has been in the works for years, with several well-known coaching and training organizations involved in the process. Now, it's our pleasure to go live with our own core groups and we cannot wait to explore a partnership with you!

Is running your firm lonely and do you often feel overwhelmed?

Do you know where your firm stands today or where you will be in 6 months?

Have you identified the future you want and is your team moving towards that target?

2020 presents unprecedented change and endless possibilities for firm owners. We are here to help you capitalize on opportunities, minimize risk, modernize your firm, and in return, create a more balanced and fulfilling life.

You, and the work you do for your clients and your team, change lives. You save small businesses with your expertise, and you provide an income for your employees. But who is taking care of you? Maybe you know what you want, but you struggle to achieve it and face challenges such as frequent turnover, how to attract and retain the ideal client, or the struggle to define your vision. At various points in our own firms, we both felt stuck, alone, burned out… We did the long weeks and know firsthand the toll that takes on your family and personal health.

I remember a few months back, when COVID first entered the scene, threatening the very livelihood of my clients. There were so many 12+ hour days with well over 10 Zoom calls per day - and my job was to listen - as business owners panicked, processed their worries and fears, and often through tears, pled for answers and hope I could not give. That was heart wrenching work. As firm owners, we all felt the strain that came from being in the cross hairs of our clients and team members, and their very real, very serious needs. Many of us were also sorting out 100% remote work for ourselves, and sometimes our clients, too. To say those days were utterly exhausting on every level isn’t quite enough. I felt inadequate and incapable for the day’s tasks, much less to think about tomorrow or beyond.

Never before have our clients and fellow business owners looked to us (their accountants) for this level of guidance and support. Never before have our teams relied so heavily on us for direction, answers, to predict the future and tell them that it’s all going to be ok. It’s both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. This is an unprecedented time and opportunity for our industry to thrive; to fill gaps in a new and lasting way.

So, who do you go to when you need answers? Who is your support team? Are you alone? Do you have clarity on where your firm is and confidence for where you’re headed?

This is why GroupUP was born - out of struggle, pain, real-world experiences from two working firms, and now, with a vision of freedom for firm leaders, we are here. For those who are lonely, stuck, or just want 5% improvement, we are here. You are not alone.

We believe banding together intentionally is the best way we can support each other in our struggles, find community, get much needed resources and benchmarks, and find valid answers to the questions we all have. This is not a therapy group, and we aren’t just a training or education company, we are two firm owners who built our firms to be self-sustaining so we can freely serve others in the industry. We want to help other modern firm leaders grow and thrive.

It’s our pleasure to launch with three primary products:

Core Groups

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” ~ Jim Rohn

Imagine a group of like-minded professionals working together to offer accountability, share benchmarks, provide resources, and help each other on a journey towards fulfillment and long-term success. We believe unity creates opportunity, reducing disruption risk. Groups grow together, struggle together, and win together. All groups are led by a facilitator who guides the group and provides 1-1 coaching support. By following a focused process to build our firms, we can lead our teams well, give our clients more, and receive greater benefit from our work.

Go to Core Groups

Individualized Coaching

For those who want to accelerate their results and get the benefit of a partner without giving up equity, we have tailored one-on-one coaching. One of the common flaws in business coaching is team exclusion, which leaves all the doing on management’s plate. Growth and realizations take place in a quiet room or private Zoom call, but never make it to your team or firm through execution. Our coaching model walks you through an intentional process of strategy and implementation that includes building and strengthening your leadership team, so you can take steps together. We don’t want you to get smarter or more encumbered with things you have to do; we want you to get better through tactical delegation and accountability. For us, ultimate success is a highly profitable firm that can run independent of you, while making strides towards the vision you and your team put together. It’s a firm that has deep relationships with clients and team members alike, changing your corner of the world. Our primary coaches, Marcus and Joe, are experienced firm owners who would love to walk you through a proven process to get more time, freedom, and money to do what you love.

Book a coaching call today and experience the difference.

Pod Workshops

Pods are group workshops over 1-4 days, focused on a specific topic, and often followed up with a 1-1 coaching call. Always wanted a deep dive on sales, help with developing a client niche, or input on creating a world-class culture? These workshops are crafted for you! Just like our 1-1 coaching, these workshops offer strategy, exercises, and walk-through’s that are all designed to advance your goals vs. merely earning a few hours of CPE. In addition to what we build together in these workshops, you will be able to take advantage of 1-1 coaching for 60-90 days afterwards for even more progress and accountability. New topics are coming soon, and we will continue to add more workshops based on your interest and feedback.

What Pods does your firm need? Share your feedback

You are not alone! GroupUP is online and ready to support modern firm leaders, like you, across the country. We welcome the chance to connect with you, hear your stories, share our own, and explore what getting better together looks like.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” ~African Proverb

Would you like to grow together?

Joe Montgomery, III, CPA, CPBC

Co-Founder, GroupUP

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