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Topical Group Workshops


Building Your Sales Machine
Referrals are great. Google leads are good too. But, once you have them, then what? Are you attracting your ideal client consistently? Does your entire team know how to nurture the right prospects, offer your services, and close a deal based on value rather than input or hours? In this course, we map out your current sales process: the people, systems, and timing to take a new client from contact to contract. Then, we create an ideal sales process and practice. Finally, we support your newly crafted sales process with refinements and accountability through monthly 1-1 sales coaching.

"As someone who has built a sales team, implemented and is certified in HubSpot, I have seen the power of being intentional with your new client journey. Through following this process, we saw an 18% increase in revenue and a 400% ROI. I highly recommend going through this exercise."


~Joe Montgomery, III, CPA

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Developing a Niche
We get it. When you started your firm, you took everything that would come your way. But now, you have choices. We believe your best opportunities are found at the intersection of what you're deeply passionate about, what is highly profitable, and what you're uniquely qualified to do. Whether you have already identified a niche, and simply need to market it, or need to find your niche altogether, we can help. Building a niche doesn't mean you have to eliminate all other types of work; it allows you to focus your branding and marketing to reach the right prospects with the right message.

"When I bought my firm, we had a little bit of everything. But over the years, we were intentional about only taking on what we want and thoughtfully selling off blocks of business that didn't fit our core model. The result, clients I love serving and a firm that is kicking off 20% more EBITDA than before. I'd love to share how building a niche can have a 600% ROI"


~Marcus Dillon, CPA

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Creating a World-Class Culture
Do you find it hard to attract and retain top talent? Do all your team members know and share your vision and values? We get it, building a team is hard. Building a world-class place to work that provides team members with a compelling and higher calling is even harder. However, we are convinced that culture and vision are two of the most vital elements of a profitable and sustainable firm. In fact, various studies show that the cost of turnover in the knowledge-based economy can be as high as 200% of the cost of a salary. Great culture is complex, but if you strengthen team feedback through periodic check-ins, routinely share your vision and values, and offer to mine team member dreams and goals, you can create an efficient and valuable place to work.
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